Second Confirmed MERS Case in U.S.


mersThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that the U.S. has its second confirmed case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). CDC officials are working with the Florida Department of Health to investigate the circumstances surrounding the contraction of the virus.

Like the first U.S. case reported earlier this month in Indiana, the victim had traveled to Saudi Arabia. On Friday, that first patient was released from the hospital to home isolation. It is unclear exactly how MERS is transmitted, but so far there have been 536 cases in 17 countries resulting in 145 deaths. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. 13 years ago when SARS broke out it also was during Sefira, and was a grim reminder of the Askara (resperatory disease)that afflicted the Talmidim of R’ Akiva.


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