Yerushalayim: Secular Go Nuts Over Closure of Movie Theater for Shabbos


protest-cinema-yerushalayimYerushalayim – A large group of demonstrators – mostly young people – gathered today near the newest movie complex in Yerushalayim to protest the government’s decision to have it shuttered on Shabbos Kodesh.

Cinema City is a 15-screen, 125 million shekel building being constructed above the National Government Center parking lot that is scheduled to open in June. The theater has become something of a lightning rod for debate since its owners were given a building permit in 2010 with the precondition by the Finance Ministry and Yerushalayim Municipality that it remain closed on Shabbos. Read more here.

{ Israel}


  1. “Go nuts?” Is there any evidence of that. Like, for example, setting fire to dumpsters, or throwing rocks at buses and police, or cursing, or blocking traffic?

  2. The seculars are becoming more emboldened and going for all almost all-out war against the religious and Torah, in general. There is an orchestrated effort in Israel against Yiddishkeit on many fronts. The question is why is it being allowed and why is it being pursued?

  3. If the secular can micro-manage the religious sites(i.e. forcing the cuckoo section at the Western Wall), then why can’t the religious micro-manage the secular sites(i.e. movie theaters)?! However, we’ll probably be more effective by inviting the secular people for Shabos and such; you can’t change minds by using force.


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