Secular Scholar Praises Torah World


The international IMPACT-SE Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education said that school textbooks used by Israel’s elementary yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs “promote a unique and separate cultural identity while generally keeping recognition and contact with mainstream Israeli culture to a minimum.”

Dr. Eldad Pardo who conducted the research said that the Torah community’s curriculum was vital in an era of gobbling globalization.

“Modernity and globalization are destroying and annihilating languages and cultures at a dizzying pace, exceeding even the rate of elimination of flora and fauna species,” he said. “The leaders of Torah society were among the few who, in the eighteenth century, identified this danger, warned against it and acted against eradication and assimilation. Can this wisdom also be used by other peoples facing a similar danger? Globalization steamrolling is on the rise and who knows where it will end?”

“My conclusion is that the ‘society of learners’ and the Torah way of life set up in Israel can serve as an important example for the whole world,” he added. “The decision of the State of Israel to support this project should be emulated – to make it possible to save peoples and cultures facing extinction.”

Pardo also praised the Torah world’s love of peace. Despite their covenant with the right, “they are free of extreme nationalism and always prefer peace and neighborliness,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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