Senate Releases $50 Million CIA Torture Report



On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of torture on terrorist suspects after 9/11.

Shane Harris reports on the most gruesome practices used by the CIA, including forcing prisoners to stand on broken legs and subjecting them to rectal feeding and hydration.

The 500-page, $50 million report was published after several months of arguments between the Senate and CIA tussle over what would be redacted in the unclassified version published today. Read more at the Senate Intelligence Committee.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “and how many lives did they save in the process?”

    Probably none. From the report:

    “The Committee reviewed 20 of the most frequent and prominent examples of purported counterterrorism successes that the CIA has attributed to the use of its enhanced interrogation techniques, and found them to be wrong in fundamental respects. In some cases,
    there was no relationship between the cited
    counterterrorism success and any information provided by detainees during or after the use of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques. In the remaining cases, the CIA inaccurately
    claimed that specific, otherwise unavailable
    information was acquired from a CIA detainee
    ‘as a result’ of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation
    techniques, when in fact the information was
    either: (1) corroborative of information already
    available to the CIA or other elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community from sources other
    than the CIA detainee, and was therefore not
    ‘otherwise unavailable’; or (2) acquired from the CIA detainee prior to the use of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques. The examples provided by the CIA included numerous factual inaccuracies.”

  2. Charliehall, “probably” none means they might have saved some. It’s worth it. And even if they didn’t, on the chance they could have, its still worth it. Obviously if I was an innocent person being tortured I’d have a very different opinion on the matter. But while I’m thankfully a member of the majority who are not being unfairly tortured and are possibly being saved because of the Intel gathered, I see the as a necessary tool against scum terrorists.


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