Senate Democrats Block Republican Resolution To Kill Iran Nuke Deal



Senate Democrats on Thursday successfully blocked a resolution by Republicans that was meant to reject the Iran nuclear deal, while helping President Barack Obama avoid the use of his veto power for the measure.

In a 58-42 vote, Democrats filibustered the disapproval resolution that Republicans and some Democrats had hoped to send to Obama, who had promised to use his veto if needed.

The vote on Thursday came after nearly two months of contentious debate in the Congress over the nuclear deal. Despite the fact that Republicans, who unanimously opposed the deal, control both the houses of Congress, Senate rules stipulate that 60 votes are needed to successfully thwart a filibuster.

Initially, opponents of the deal had hoped to secure 67 votes—a two-thirds majority—to overcome a planned Obama veto. But those hopes were dashed last week when U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) became the 34th senator to support the deal.

“Regardless of how one feels about the agreement, fair-minded Americans should acknowledge the president’s strong achievements in combating and containing Iran,” said U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, one of four Democrats to vote against the president, the New York Times reported. JNS.ORG




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