Senate Strikes Deal on Trade Bill



The Senate has reached a deal to push through President Obama’s fast-track trade initiative, which is a key part of a larger Pacific Rim trade agreement being ironed out by the administration.

The agreement gives Democrats the chance to vote on two of their trade priorities as separate bills.

The Trade Promotion Authority measure was blocked on Tuesday by Senate Democrats who were concerned over protections for U.S. workers. Read more at Politico.

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  1. This planned trade agreement, its official name being the “Trans Pacific Partnership” – “T.P.P.,” is an extremely terrible proposal. It is being known by its nickname: the “Free Trade Agreement,” but in reality, it has very little to do with any kind of “free trade.” On the contrary, with its set up of sweeping rigid dictatorial like international standards and patent rules, its effects will be to STIFLE and FORBID much of what we have until now enjoyed in our truly “free” business markets, RACHMANA LITZLAN!!

    Furthermore, when the governing board of each member country — including our own U.S. Congress — signs onto the pact, it will be GIVING UP its ability to ever again make any of its own adjustments to these commercial standards, for it has now subjugated its nation to this holy, holy, holy tribunal of this new “super law.”

    (See further discussion of this at:


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