Senior IDF Official: We Could’ve Taken Down Hamas In 10 Days


idfThe IDF did not take over the Gaza Strip or worked to completely destroy Hamas in order to leave an organization in power that would have to answer for terrorism in the Strip, a senior IDF source said on Sunday, according to Yediot Achronot.

“There’s an Israeli interest to have one address in Gaza. We don’t want a Somalization in the Strip, but rather one group to enforce its control of the Strip. This is why the collapse of Hamas was not defined as one of the objectives,” the senior source said. “We wanted to have an address on the other side on the day after. This address could be the enforcer against militants and take care of its citizens.”

The senior source, reports Yediot Achronot, said that if the objective was to take down Hamas, the IDF could’ve easily have taken over the Gaza Strip within 10 days, and taken another year or two to search for and destroy terror infrastructure.

“This wasn’t the essence of our mission,” he said. He asserted Hamas wanted to stop the fighting because “it planned to have killed 300-600 Israeli soldiers by now, and 60-80 Israeli civilians.” These expectations were based on the capabilities it developed, the source said. The source said the current operation in Gaza will lead to a “longer window of security.”

“The objective is to change the reality from its very core, so we don’t have mutual fire in two months. We need to have a balance of hope in the Strip and a balance of security in Israel.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. it sounds like the wisdom of Chelm…

    Or he might be saying that we’re not willing to stick-it out for the long process of implementing a new government.

  2. Dear PM Netanyahu:

    There is no one in ‘Aza/Hamas to “govern” it, not to say negotiate with. In WW II the Allies bombed Dresden and other “cultural centers” and no one complained (except the Nazis). Ditto for ‘Aza: either carpet bomb from east to west and north to south, or channel sea water all the way from the Yam Suf to the edge of ‘Aza..
    Do not endanger Jewish soldiers and civilians with a further ground operation. The caring Moslem nations can be allocated specific numbers to promptly accept, after which there will be no restraint on getting them out.
    AND the gentile nations do not – do not – care about Jewish blood – except to see it spilled.
    Take advantage of the shemitta year to reclaim our own land.
    You yourself can set the example by wearing a kippah, thanking Hashem. and keeping Shabbat as much as your PM job allows.

  3. HUH??? if there is no one in power there is no one to answer to anyone. Just chase them out, clean up and resettle it with the Gush Katif people……….

  4. This war is a special hashgocha from Hashem
    The Arabs showing their complete barbaric nature. The West showed their true hatred towards the Jews. And the anti religious government showed they are totalqlly incompetent in fighting Hamas!!

    Now the Israelis will withdraw and give all king of rediculious excuses why they didn’t win the war and the world will be less hidden with their anti samitisim.

    It will bring Israel to its feet, begging Hashem to help us. After which we hope to merit Hashem’s help and he will finally take us out from this bitter golus!!!

    NOTE! $1.7 billion was spent so far on the war, how many yeshivas could have been helped with that money????

    The gemorah says that Reb Yochonon took a certain amount of money from his nephew for Tzedoka because he saw that a certain amount of money was nigzar to be taken from him….. Here too, had they spent this money on a good thing, they would have not need to spend it on a war with very little to show for…

  5. Gaza should become an open city like Berlin after wwii. The USA, Canada and Britain should take a part. Then you can open sea lanes . There is no place for Hamas in that scenario


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