Separatists Put “Pulsa Denoura” Kabbalistic Curse on Ukrainian Governor

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dnipropetrovsk-governor-ihor-kolomoiskyIn a desperate scramble for reinforcements, supporters of the flagging Ukrainian insurgency have turned to a Kabbalistic curse against the uprising’s No. 1 enemy, The Moscow Times reports.

Dnepropetrovsk Governor Ihor Kolomoisky has become the target of the Pulsa Denoura, citing a rebel in the insurgent-held city of Horlivka. The klalah is intended to visit heavenly retribution upon a foe, leading to their death within six months, and is considered to be among the harshest klalos of Kabbolah.

Kolomoisky, an ethnic Jew, had not commented on the report. The billionaire governor has turned his domain in central Ukraine into a hotbed of anti-separatism and has used his considerable wealth to fund forces fighting the insurgency. So far, money has trumped magic in Ukraine, where the Army recently began to overpower the outnumbered rebels after a string of setbacks.

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  1. The only curse on the future of This man is that he has to listen to the pagans spell out their names in greed and envy. Ultimately, Kabbalah is not used to put a curse on someone unless that person did something horrible and in that case, the person called upon the heavens to have that curse revealed by his own behavior. This guy does sound somewhat even minded and friendly I guess. So I would guess that the reality is that the “kabbalasts” who hate him are just placemats against their own violent revolution. And placemats are often dropped on the floor.


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