Sessions Gives Rare Warning on Dangers of Police Misconduct


In a highly unusual foray for Jeff Sessions, the attorney general on Tuesday addressed police misconduct in America. “We all know the cases of the last several years when, in confrontations with police, lives have been cut short,” Sessions said, at the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives conference. “Just as I’m committed to defending law enforcement who lawfully have to use deadly force to defend themselves while engaged in their work, I will also use the power of the office I’m entrusted with to hold any officer responsible who violates the law.”

Sessions has previously shied away from such topics and has chastised critics for speaking ill of law enforcement. But before the group in Atlanta, Sessions spoke to the problem of minority communities distrusting police, calling recruiting issues in such areas a “catastrophe.” He added, “You know all it takes is for one bad officer to destroy the reputations of so many who work every day to build good relationships in these communities and who serve with honor and distinction.” Read more at POLITICO.



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