Seventy-Eight New RCCS Patients in October: One Of The Worst Months In Rccs History Stuns Staff And Board Alike


goldingBy Rabbi Yosef Chaim Golding

In what seemed like an unusually busy month, RCCS staff and executives were stunned to learn that 78 new cancer-stricken patients applied to RCCS (Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society) for assistance in the month of October, 2014. With the realization that Yom Tov fell mid-month, the intake averaged to about 4 per weekday!

This is above the total of 1,523 patients over the previous 12 months, in the USA and in Israel, making it the worst year in RCCS’ 17 years of existence.

Although RCCS began in 1997 with the express role of helping cancer patients pay for their health insurance, RCCS has developed into a full-blown resource for cancer-stricken families seeking all types of assistance; from financial subsidies to medical direction.
Primary among the services that RCCS offers is the subsidizing of health insurance premiums, thus allowing patients’ access to the top oncology specialists throughout the world. In addition, the RCCS Insurance Advocacy department battles the insurance companies if, and when, they unfairly deny benefits to our patients. And hundreds more benefit from our medical direction department that facilitates and expedites appointments to cancer specialists around the globe.

In emergency situations, RCCS grants medical subsidies to patients whose medical coverage is not sufficient, and facilitates major grants to help cover school tuition, rental/mortgage crises, and other basic financial needs that were caused by the onset of cancer.

Although, unfortunately, not every case has such immediate positive outcomes as this, this recent email, below, is indicative of the effectiveness of RCCS:

“…As we had this long holiday weekend, I had some time to reflect over what transpired during the past week and a half. My wife has gone from a healthy and devoted wife and adoring mother of 5, to a woman with a cancerous tumor in her colon. I know you fully understand the devastation and pain we’re going through, but you came thru as a beacon in the darkness, and literally saved the day! Before we were even able to digest the facts and comprehend the depths of our problems, the tumor was already surgically removed and she was back home, post-op, in less than 4 days after the discovery! We cannot thank you enough!”

As the total RCCS annual budget is approaching $7,000,000, the RCCS staff continues to develop innovative fundraising measures to meet these needs. Most recent is the ongoing 2Gether Chinese Auction campaign that culminates on Erev Chanukah with a live drawing.

The Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) provides an array of services for cancer-stricken patients in need; primary among them is the subsidizing of health insurance premiums, enabling them to obtain the best possible medical care.

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  1. This is probably a direct result of ObamaCare.
    Hashem Yerachem.
    RCCS deserves are full support for doing such an unbeleivable job. Hatzlocho.


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