Shabbos Soccer Officially Legal In Israel

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Labor Minister Chaim Katz signed a permit officially allowing professional soccer players and workers to operate on Shabbos. This was in the wake of a recent Knesset Ministerial Committee decision to permit the game.

Legal sanction of Shabbos soccer was required after the Supreme Court ruled, in response to an appeal of shomer Shabbos soccer professionals, that soccer players could not be impelled to play on Shabbos unless a special permit was put in place.

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  1. The secular establishment is endangering the lives of all Jews in E”Y by enacting laws and regulations that make us lose our right to exist here. What right do we have to Israel other than Hashem’s promise to the avos hakedoshim? That promise is conditional. When the Torah is abandoned (all the more so, officially), there’s another ‘promise’ that we will be “vomited out’ of the Land. It’s really scary! In general, our covenant with Hashem has clear terms what will happen if we keep it and what will occur if we do not keep our part of the agreement. We see this happening worldwide, with increased antisemitism and many tzarros in all realms – physical, emotional and spiritual.

    • I agree. We Torah-Jews should follow the words of the following song (thanks in advance to Uncle Moishy):

      “Ain’t gonna work on Saturday, ain’t gonna work on Sunday, ain’t gonna work on Monday, ain’t gonna work on Tuesday, ain’t gonna work on Wednesday, ain’t gonna work on Thursday, ain’t gonna work on Friday, ain’t gonna work any day, I am staying in Kollel. It is working out real swell”!

  2. And Israel wants the world to recognize it as a Jewish state when they blatantly go against what is the mainstay between them & G-d

  3. oy the evil of these Zionists has no end, first they try to take our bochurim out of yeshiva, then they take our girls and to have lose tznius not shabbas.

  4. And then uneducated in proper hashkafa people wonder why tragedies such as the flood we just experienced happens.

  5. If only Israel would switch to a five day work week!
    Right now with a six day work week the non-religious have no secular day off to play soccer or have relaxation or entertainment.
    Here in the USA we all notice the inconvenience when a 2 day yomtov is on Shabbos & Sunday. No time to catch up on secular things we usually handle on our weekends.

  6. What an insane comment. I suppose you folks “with the proper hashkafa” are privy to HaShem’s exact cheshbon of mitvos and aveiras.

    With comments like yours, it is no wonder why most Israeli Jews hate the Haredim, and wish that they would just disappear from Eretz Yisrael.

    • Good point. Everything that happens is mikra. There is no hashgacha pratis, r”l. Stuff happens. Just gotta love.

  7. Unfortunately, all of this was only able to happen because our wonderful representatives in the Knesset willingly turned a blind eye to this.
    There was a time when the Chareidi parties took down the coalition because a few goyish airlines landed in Ben Gurion on shabbos. Today, they willingly look away from official chillul shabbos when wer’e dealing with jews!

  8. Well if they allow gay parades in Yerushalayim so what do you expect. If a third of Yerushalayim are chareidim why can’t they stop this toeiva parade. And so with chillul shabbos. We need strong leadership.


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