Shabsy (Scott) Merrill of the KLBD (London Beth Din) Chosen By Kashrus Magazine As “Mashgiach of the Year”


KASHRUS Magazine, the Brooklyn-based periodical for the kosher consumer, has chosen Shabsy (Scott) Merrill of the “KLBD” (London Beth Din, England) as their 8th annual “Mashgiach of the Year” and presented him with a check for $1,000. The presentation was made on November 14 at Kosherfest, the world’s largest trade show for the kosher industry.

KASHRUS Magazine’s December/January issue features a full interview with Mr.  Merrill. He was also interviewed on Kashrus Magazine’s weekly radio show, Kashrus on the Air, on Monday, November 19. (The interview can be accessed live or archived at or 718-506-9099, option 3, and then option 3.)

Previous awardees were Rabbi Yisroel Gildin, Teaneck, NJ (2017),  Rabbi Catriel Blum, Toronto, ON (2016), Barry Nash, Bergenfield, NJ (2015), Rabbi Aron Musat, Chicago, IL (2014), Rabbi Favish Moster, Brooklyn, NY (2013), Moshe Stander, Boynton Beach, FL (2012) and Gedalia Silverstein, Atlanta, GA (2011).

Shabsy Merrill was chosen from among the nominees of the 1,427 kosher agencies worldwide. He has worked for 18 years for the London Beth Din (“KLBD”) in England, one of the largest kosher certifying agencies in all of Europe. This is the first time in the eight years of the “Mashgiach of the Year” award that a mashgiach was chosen from outside North America.

Mr. Merrill is a mashgiach for “KLBD” catered affairs as well as for “KLBD”-certified establishments. He also trains new mashgichim,and is a “bug” expert who researches for the London Beth Din the best methodology to clean each type of fruit and vegetable, an important part of a mashgiach’s work. An effective kosher supervisor, Mr. Merrill constantly uses his communication and people skills to keep tension out of the kitchen and to foster cooperation in the workplace.

The sponsors of the “Mashgiach of the Year” Award were Diversified Communications, the producers of Kosherfest; Costa Rica Kosher Adventures (; and Kosher Vitamin Express (

“A mashgiach is a combination of an administrator, an arbitrator, an educator, and a communicator,” said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine. “These four traits describe Shabsy Merrill to a T. No wonder that the London Beth Din relies upon him in so many areas. He truly deserves the title of ‘Mashgiach of the Year.’”

KASHRUS Magazine’s December/January issue features an interview with the “Mashgiach of the Year.” To receive a free copy of that 6-page interview and report, email KASHRUS Magazine at, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to KASHRUS, Mashgiach Award, POB 204, Brooklyn, NY 11204, or call 718-336-8544.



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