Shas, Likud Sign Coalition Agreement



Shas has signed a coalition agreement with Likud late Monday night, joining the government for the 20th Knesset less than 48 hours ahead of the deadline for a government under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Arutz Sheva reports.

Netanyahu met with Shas chairman Aryeh Deri privately before signing the agreement.

According to the agreement, Deri will be appointed Economics Minister and Minister of Development in the Negev and the Galilee. Read more.



  1. Haredi community has a big opportunity with this hopefully soon new government!

    The Haredi ‘sector’ need to stop perceiving themselves as they have done for the past couple generations as a ‘sector’, they should don the mantle of national societal leadership and move the people forward to their destiny!

    Sure the screams against you[plural] from all those who hitherto claimed you shirk your role in society will ironically get fiercer ,but that is expected and comes with the territory.

    It ‘s eminently easier to consider yourselves a persecuted minority,regularly complain of ‘incitement’[especially when it has been somewhat accurate],than to step forward and lead ,all the while still retaining a tightrope balancing act of avoiding falling into becoming a religious zionist ‘B’ .

  2. The onus is now on the Chareidim to avoid parochial interests and move the world forward to the Visions of the Nevi’im.


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