Shas Ratings On The Mend


A poll conducted by the Midgam Institute for Yedi’ot Achronot found that if elections were held today, Shas would get 6 mandates. Earlier polls gave Shas 4 to 5 mandates and at least one poll cast doubt on whether Shas would pass the minimum electoral threshold.

Likud led the latest poll with 24 seats, followed by the Zionist Camp with 22 seats. Yesh Atid, which came second in some recent polls, was pushed into third place with 18 seats.

Bayit Yehudi and the United Arab List got 12 mandates apiece, Kulanu got 7, and Yisroel Beiteinu and Meretz each got 5 seats.

Asked, “Do you believe Netanyahu’s claim that there is no basis to the suspicions against him?” 34% of respondents answered that they believed him and 54% said that they did not. 63% thought Netanyahu should retire if indicted versus 29% who thought he should not.

Netanyahu remained first choice for prime minister, with 29% of respondents saying he was best person for the job. 12% preferred Yair Lapid, 10% chose new Labor Party leader Yair Gabai, 5% chose Naftali Bennett and 5% chose Moshe Kachlon.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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