Shas Worries It Will Be Excluded From Next Government


deri-and-yishaiThe Shas party is displeased with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s statement on Shabbos that he would prefer having a Likud member as housing and construction minister in the next government, a position held in the current government by Shas MK Ariel Atias, according to an Israel Hayom report.

Netanyahu’s statement caused some in Shas to worry that the party would be excluded from a future coalition. “Netanyahu knows that we want to keep the housing and construction portfolio for Shas,” a senior party official said. “We aren’t sure whether this statement was a one-time thing or whether the prime minister intends to build a government without Shas.”

Chacham Ovadia Yosef also responded to Netanyahu’s statement, saying, “They [Likud members] were always the housing and construction ministers, and they didn’t do anything. They sat at home, smoking water pipes. Our housing and construction minister worked day and night.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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