Sheim Reshaim Yirkov: OU Banishes Jezebel From Soho


jezebelJezebel is history.

The Queen of Israel who built temples to pagan gods and led her husband, King Ahab, astray will no longer receive tribute in the form of a kosher eatery in downtown Manhattan that bears her sinful name.

That’s because the Orthodox Union won’t certify the upscale restaurant under its current name, and its owners want to attract more traditional kosher diners with the most widely recognized brand of supervision. Read more here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I’m proud of the OU. This has not been their longstanding sheeta and thankfully they’re able to stand up to a more moral position. They’re an amazing organization and this just made them better!
    Kudos! We used to tip our hats to them now we ought give them an ovation too!

  2. With respect to the Rabbanim of the OU, who do not require the approval of the likes of me, I would like to say I’m very happy to hear about this. Kashrus means a lot more than proper shechita and bug free vegetables. A strict adherence to the letter of the law, while ignoring what it really means to follow the way of the Torah, leads to spiritual decline and many of the problems in our society today.

  3. Good for them to putting a stop to such a disgusting name for a kosher restaurant. What is wrong with these people? They understand kosher but know no history! There are Jewish women with the name of Isabel (Jezebel’s real name in Nach). What an upside down world!

  4. For an establishment to be kosher, the name and the decor is also a factor. I wouldn’t want to eat kosher in a place with non Jewish atmosphere.


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