Sheriff Says Las Vegas Shooter Fired Over 1,100 Rounds


Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said the gunman who killed 58 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last month fired more than 1,100 rounds.

Lombardo said police had found around 4,000 more rounds of unused ammo in Paddock’s hotel suite, according to the Review-Journal.

The sheriff also told the newspaper he hoped to release more information about the shooting in the next couple of weeks. Read more at The Hill.



  1. What does he mean, “he’ll release more information in the coming weeks”? This story happened on October 1st. They clearly know everything already. What are they hiding? Why hasn’t the 2nd gunman been arrested? What aspect are they trying to cover-up?
    If a white police officer, anywhere in this country, shoots a black thug in the process of his crime, the entire world knows every detail of the entire incident within mere moments. The Mayor, the Governor, the chief of Police all make statements and go thru the timeline. After the riots, they make statements regarding their “concern” about backlash against the African-American community. But here you allegedly have a white man shooting up a bunch of white concert goers, and nobody knows nothing. They are still “investigating”. They are not rushing to judgement. What a bunch of hewey. Law enforcement doesn’t know their head from their bottom. They seem like thee most incompetent keystone cops and law enforcement in the country, and the dumb mindless people of Las Vegas just don’t give a damn. Let’s get back to gambling and prostitution. Any good games on, this weekend?

  2. There are definitely MANY questions about what went on that night in Las Vegas. The MSM narrative has almost as many holes as the number of rounds allegedly fired that night (from Paddock’s room and other locations). I hope that the truth comes out ASAP, though I wonder if we will EVER find out.

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