Shloshim For Rav Dovid Kviat zt”l


rav-dovid-kviatLast night, a shloshim event was held for Rav Dovid Kviat zt”l, the Sukkas Dovid, who was niftar last month. The event was held at his shul, Agudas Yisroel of 18th Avenue. There was a separate program for men and women, with separate speakers for each. The men’s program was held in the basement downstairs, while the women’s program was upstairs in the bais medrash.

The speakers for the women’s program were Rebbitzen Ruthi Assaf, menaheles of Manhattan High School for Girls, and Rabbi Yair Hoffman.

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  1. Please note the mens program was in the bais medrash located on the first floor of the shul.Rabbi Avraham Eliezer Kviat spoke beautifully all about the one most important thing which was his fathers legacy,the importance of shalom. This was followed by the mattisdorfer Rav’s hartzige speech about the niftar’s charachter,his middos tovos, and of course his seforim. Rabbi Kaluszyner, a son in law delivered a fiery speech!
    The last speaker was Rabbi Cinnamon Rav of Khal Bnei Torah. He reminisced growing up in the shul and his connection with Rav Kviat, throughout his life.
    The ladies program had the following speeches;
    Rabbi Yair Hoffman,who told amazing encounters with Rav Kviat.
    Rebbitzen Baila Kviat,a daughter in law,who spoke beautifully on the parsha,and the things she learned and saw from her shver.
    Grandchildren who read some wonderful poems about their zeidy.
    The program was amazing!! yasher koach to the President of the Agudath Yisroel 18th ave.for organizing and running this special event
    Hashem should repay Rabbi Moshe Kahn and his wife Goldy for all that they did,and continue to do. Rav Kviat held them in great esteem!!!


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