Shmorg7: Better than Ever + Exclusive Mashal Man Treasury


smorgHave you ever been so happy that you had to strap yourself in and hold on for dear life? Well, get ready to get strapping, because this year’s Shmorg7 is a full-strength no-nonsense dose of happy! You have been warned.

Oorah is proud to announce the release of the newest and greatest in Jewish entertainment. Join Fiveish and Friends as they run for their lives in the 3D animated musical feature film “Fiveish in Flight,” journey through time and space in a wildly entertaining remix of the Fiveish dance we all know and love, learn the ins-and-outs of kosher animals, presented by Living Torah World, and much, much more! In fact, the Shmorg7 features so much wildly exciting entertainment, we bet you’ll run out of popcorn halfway through.

But hold onto your seats, because the Mashal Man Treasury has been released as well and it is awesome. With nine hysterically funny, musical meshalim that will provide education as well as entertainment, the Mashal Man Treasury is truly an invaluable collection that is a must-own for everyone.

Donate to the Oorah Auction today to get yourself on that first-class list of first-class donors who will soon be receiving their first-class entertainment via first-class mail today.

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