Shock: Days After Warnings of Shaimos Scam, Illegal Shaimos Dump Discovered Upstate


shaimos-5[Photos below.] Just days after warned the community of potential fraudulent collections of shaimos and burial operations, garbage bags filled with seforim were found illegally dumped upstate in Haverstraw, NY.

“This year, it [shaimos burial scams] seems to be a bigger problem than ever, and it needs to be dealt with,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn. “Shaimos is holy and dumping it is a horror.

“It’s shocking that people tasked with the dignified burial of our holy items have exploited the opportunity by utterly desecrating the very same items.”

Police are currently investigating who might be responsible for dumping this pile of shaimos and have some credible leads. “In the meantime,” added Hikind, “if you need to get rid of shaimos, ask the collectors many questions, and if you feel uncomfortable with them simply keep the shaimos at home until you find a reliable and trusted handler.”

If you have any information that can help the investigation, contact the Haverstraw Police.

Meanwhile, Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) has said he would introduce legislation in the Senate imposing a civil penalty on shaimos truck operators who fail to properly bury the religious items. The bill will require those wishing to operate a shaimos truck to obtain a permit from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, and to provide advanced proof of access to a proper burial ground. Civil penalties range from a minimum of $1,000 up to $5,000.


“It’s time to bring an end to this unspeakable chillul Hashem,” said Senator Felder. “Every year we hear tragic stories of shaimos truck operators who willfully betray the public’s trust and desecrate G-d’s name. People who do the right thing in adherence of the Jewish law should not become the unwitting victims of nefarious and selfish individuals who seek to profit from the public’s good will. This legislation is intended to distinguish between honest and deceitful brokers.”

The provisions of the bill will require prospective operators to provide their legal name, address, and photo ID in order to obtain the permit. Applicants will be required to pay an administrative fee of $50. Permits must be posted in a conspicuous manner on the truck, and operators will also be required to provide customers with a printed receipt containing their permit number, name, address, and the amount paid. The legislation will apply to cities of one million or more.

Felder plans to circulate for sponsors when legislative session resumes after Pesach on April 23.

{Noam Newscenter}






  1. If you look at the picture why was that new mishnayos in the shaimos
    For the future these shaimos guys should be registered with some legitimate organization

  2. Typical NY/NJ mentality all the way around. Here in Detroit, we are a tight and friendly group of intertwined communities. We don’t charge for burying sheimos in the first place.
    Our rabbeim are truly devout and pious – which is what “frum” is supposed to mean – who accept sheimos and store until the next levaya where they then bury the sheimos.
    No greed; just honest efforts to serve HKB”H.


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