Shocking: Family of Drowned Rov zt”l Living in Poverty



The Blau family of Jerusalem made shocking headlines last week, after respected Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Blau zt”l passed tragically, whilst saving his daughter from drowning.

The Zalman family was reportedly visiting the north of Israel on a tour of kivrei tzaddikim. Rabbi Blau and four of his daughters visited the Jordan River. While posing for a picture, one of the girls fell into the water. Rabbi Blau immediately jumped into the rapids to save her. It became clear almost immediately that the Rabbi was unable to keep up with the current.

As nearby citizens rushed to the scene, the Rabbi and his daughter slipped in and out of views, as their heads bobbed in and out of the water.

“You take one breathe, then I’ll take one breath,” Rabbi Blau was overheard telling his daughter, as he attempted to swim to a nearby rock. Miraculously, the young girl was snagged in a tree, and was pulled ashore by a stranger. Attempts to rescuscitate Rabbi Blau, however, were unsuccessful.

He left behind 15 orphans, 11 of which are still living at home. The youngest is under one year old.

Without their father, who previously supported the family singlehandedly, the family has reportedly sunken into serious poverty. Shocked and traumatized, they are now left without money for food, clothing, or any semblance of a dignified Sukkot.

At his funeral, Rabbi Blau’s adult son vowed to take responsible for the rest of the children. Donations are being accepted for the family HERE.



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