SHORT VIDEO: Rabbi Krohn Explains Rav Steinman’s Eitzah for Singles ​and Waiting Couples.


Krohn from Boruch Reiss on Vimeo.

Give hope to singles and waiting couples. Join Ohel Sarala now.

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  1. As a 36 year old “single girl”, this makes me mad. I think Bonei Olam is a great cause and I am totally for supporting them. But not for suggesting that older singles give money to get a shidduch. All the money in the world will not change the facts. There is a shidduch crisis due to the age gap, which means that for singles in their 30s there are hardly any men for thousands of women. (Even when you include any widowed and divorced men who are marriage-able.) As you can see, they are not suggesting that “single boys” donate… The reason should be obvious. Donations to Bonei Olam will not change the overall situation for the singles. Even if all the older girls would donate, only a tiny fraction of them will get married. (116 kallahs doesn’t prove anything – we don’t know how many girls donated and we don’t know how old they were.)


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