Shots Fired at Mosque Amid Rising Tension Between Israeli Druze and Muslims


Unidentified assailants fired gunshots and threw a stun grenade at a mosque in the northern Israeli town of Maghar early Monday, in the second time in three days that a stun grenade was thrown at the mosque.

The mosque is situated in a Muslim neighborhood in the hometown of Israeli Druze policeman Staff Sgt. Maj. Haiel Sitawe, who was killed by Arab terrorists in an attack near the Temple Mount last week.

The Maghar mosque incurred slight damage to one of its windows on Monday, and no injuries were reported in the incident.

“Forces were deployed openly and covertly in order to maintain a sense of security and to prevent escalation,” the Israel Police said.

Residents of Maghar have reported increased tensions between Muslims and Druze following the Temple Mount terror attack, with several attempts to incite violence between the two communities.

The spiritual leader of the Israeli Druze community, Sheikh Mowafaq Tarif, condemned the attack on the mosque and urged that relations between the communities be properly upheld, saying, “The attack on the Temple Mount does not represent Arab society.”

Knesset member Ayman Odeh, the leader of Israel’s alliance of Arab political parties, called Tarif’s statement a “responsible standpoint.”




  1. Let’s hope that the dumb Israelis won’t get in between. If they’d try some “sort of peace force”, they’d be blaimed by both sides.


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