Shul Suspects Identified; NYPD Tells Hikind No Reason For Concern



“I’ve spoken with the NYPD and it appears that this matter may be over, ” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) this evening. “The police have identified the suspects. The explanation for why these men visited these synagogues sounds strange, but the police don’t believe there’s a reason for concern at this point. They are continuing the investigation until everything is made perfectly clear.

“The other good news is how quickly the NYPD responded and how quickly they identified the suspects. Our community remained calm yet vigilant throughout this matter. The NYPD has our community’s deep and sincere gratitude.”



  1. Impressive indeed!
    My fear is now that the widespread coverage may ignite dormant terror cells and incite them to awaken.
    ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????…

  2. Whatwas thestrange sounding explanation as to why these men visited these shuls? If the explanations sound strange, why are we relaxing about it so quickly?

  3. I don’t feel any better. Hello!!! Report the reason why these people did it if you want really assure those who read it and those that our concerned. All that I read here is cops taking care of it. But no details.


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