Sick and Getting Sicker: Delaware Senate Passes Same-Gender Marriage


delaware-gov-jack-markellJoe Biden must be so proud.

Lawmakers from the vice president’s home state of Delaware voted Tuesday to allow same-gender marriage, which has already been approved by the General Assembly.

Gov. Jack Markell has said he would sign the law, making Delaware the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize same-gender  marriage.

The new law reverses a 1996 law banning gay marriage; it requires Delaware to recognize marriages from other states and stipulates that religious officials can’t be forced to perform same-gender weddings. The state has allowed civil unions since 2011.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Can someone kindly explain why when we are in golus should we be sricking our opnion in regarding this issue?

    What is the chiyuv to fight and argue over this point. This goes for other poltical issues as well but I am asking about this because it seems frum jews are very outspoken on this AND use it as a baseline for a canadites acceptablity.

  2. The tide has turned, even Republicans are either in favor of same-gender marriage or at least silent about it. It is time to focus on issues that are relevant for our community instead of trying to enforce Torah law on a country that is not interested.

  3. When they have Same gender Marriage in all 50 states, you can then move to Syria and find yourselves comfortable.

  4. Any state or nation that legalises same gender marriage is cutting its own spiritual throat. Ancient Gomorrah, Rome and Athens were full of cultured, urbane people and look what happened to them. There is no “— Gene” either. In positive news, the parliament in Northern Ireland said no to same gender marriage last week. In France the bill has made it’s way through the parliament and is waiting for final ratification in the constitutional court, but the “Manif pour Tous” pro-traditional family movement is gaining not losing steam. A massive protest is planned for May 26th.


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