Snowed In: Yerushalayim Paralyzed as 6 Inches of Snow Falls


yerushalayim-snow[Videos below.] The heaviest snowfall since 1992 has seen the Yerushalayim municipality close schools and shut down public transportation. The entrance to Yerushalayim was blocked Thursday morning, after heavy snow fell overnight.

Residents were requested to stay home and avoid driving. Snow also continued falling in the Golan Heights and the Judean Hills.

Snow plows cleared the route from the northern city of Tzefas to nearby Elifelet on Thursday morning, renewing access to the city that was previously closed off due to a snowstorm.

Meanwhile, school was canceled in various cities throughout the country as a result of the stormy weather.

Some 25,000 houses were cut off from electricity due to power failures.

At 11:35 a.m., Route 443 to Yerushalayim reopened to traffic in both directions and vehicles were allowed into the city.

Trains to Yerushalayim resumed at 10 a.m., and was the only way to enter the capital for much of the day.

Roads throughout the country had been closed off due to difficult weather conditions. Route 1 was closed in both directions, to and from Tel Aviv.

The Yerushalayim municipality urged residents to remain at home and stay off the streets. Elisha Peleg, official in charge of emergencies with Israel’s municipality for Yerushalayim, told Army Radio the area has seen its greatest snowfall since 1992. Ten to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches) of snow has piled up in the city center and more than that in outlying areas, he said.

Power outages were reported in Yerushalayim due to trees falling on electric lines and tearing them. Israel Electric Corporation employees deployed to fix the lines, but were having trouble reaching the area as main thoroughfares are blocked.

The water level in the Kinneret has risen by 14 centimeters over the last time, currently standing at 211.20 centimeters below sea level.

CLICK BELOW for a video of the snow in Yerushalayim:

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Click below for another video of PM Netanyahu’s press conference:

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. New York/New Jersey residents may think it is extreme for a city to close for just 6 inches of snow. However, it is all relative. Canadian’s can’t comprehend why NY/NJ feel crippled by 18 inches of snow.

    It’s all a matter of perspective.


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