So Many Important Causes Before Yom Kippur



If you’re like me, your email inbox and voicemail are filled with dozens of requests for many important causes.

Yet there are some causes that are like a meis mitzvah. GuardYourEyes is one of them.
No one really wants to touch the shmutz problem with a 10-foot pole and there is simply no other organization dealing with this rampant issue.

When it comes to a meis mitzah, the Torah teaches us to drop everything and get the job done
(Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah 374:1).

GuardYourEyes is an organization which helps people whose lives were turned upside-down by one of the fastest-growing addictions in our community — the addiction to shmutz.

It’s a problem that’s extremely widespread and devastating tens of thousands of families of mainstream frum Jews. In some cases, it leads to divorce. In others, people suffer in silence, torturously living a double life. And in many cases their behaviour has reached the clinical level of addiction and they are unable to break-free on their own. (See this article by Dr. Rabbi Abraham Twerski).

We’re not talking about 1 meis mitzvah – GuardYourEyes is dealing with tens of thousands of yidden in this predicament.

Our methods are incredibly effective. So far, more than 25,000 frum Jews have joined GuardYourEyes to empower themselves and break free. We do it by offering a wide array of services all offered confidentially and free of charge (see here for a full presentation).

But we need YOUR HELP to continue. Our funding comes from a once-a-year fundraising campaign during the aseres yemei teshuva.

Imagine the increased zechus you could get before Yom Kippur by sharing in the merit of the teshuvah of thousands of Jews around the world

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