Soldier Murdered in Tel Aviv ‘Was a True Yorei Shomayim’


almog-shiloniFirst Sergeant Almog Shiloni hy”d, who was murdered Monday by a terrorist in Tel Aviv, had always wanted to be a combat soldier. In an interview for the IAF website upon his induction to the military, Shiloni said: “I always wanted to be a fighter. I trained ahead of the enlistment, and ran for fitness. I prepared for it a lot.”

Arutz Sheva reports that Shiloni was a graduate of the first Platoon Commanders’ Course of the Nachal Chareidi battalion and served in the Negev Defenders’ section.

Almog’s twin brother, Sahar, said Monday that his brother “only wanted to return to his base and was simply stabbed and wounded. This simply cannot go on. There are soldiers and people who are injured, who are stabbed in the street, you can’t walk alone in this country, you can’t walk quietly. This is our country, we fought for it, my twin brother fought for it.”

Arutz Sheva added that Rabbi Dov Lifshitz, of the Nachal Chareidi Rabbis NGO, who accompanied Almog during his military service, said that Almog “was a true yorei Shomayim. He did what he could to make the soldiers around him more knowledgeable in Torah and more G-d fearing. He was a commander whose subordinates admired. My heart breaks over his murder by an evil person.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Saudi Arabia has a good method. Cut off the arms of the perps and even then when they get freed in some future prisoner swap, they’ve been neutralized.

  2. Still waiting for her highness, Susan Rice, to condemn this terrorist act by the Palestinians. What happened to the great John Kerry? Lost his tongue? Their silence is deafening.


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