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avi-solomonBy Avi Solomon
I am thankful to for granting me the opportunity to campaign my message as I run for NJ State Assembly. I also commend for the superb job they are doing in providing kosher news to Jews all over the world. They have clearly filled a void and I wish them much continued success. However, the reality is that is not political campaign website. I hope that June 3rd, Matzav will be able to report the news of a Solomon victory in the Republican primaries. Nevertheless, before I sign off on Matzav, I ask to defend my position on illegal immigrants, which I base a huge part of my campaign on.

Any politician who tries to tell you that illegal immigrants don’t have a huge stake in our tax increases is a liar. Any politician who tells you that nothing can be done about the problem of illegal immigrants doesn’t deserve to hold their position. Their is a lot that can be done about the problem of illegal immigrants without violating the law of racial profiling.

Firstly and most important, laws can be passed to require the Department of Immigration to do annual inspections that businesses are only employing legal citizens or visitors with the right to reside in the United States.

Secondly, we can crack down on slumlords who are renting to 10 families in a house designed for one family. We can cut off their ability to collect governmental programs. Welfare reform can be done without hurting the frum community by making exceptions for students. Politicians can use their influene to have local police crack down on illegal immigrants. Clifton Ave. has been taken over by illegal immigrants and the Jewish business owners have been either forced to rent elsewhere at much higher prices or simply go out of business. Clifton could have been saved if police would have enforced the no loitering law, which is a Lakewood town ordinance.

Again, I thank Matzav for giving me a voice. I close by asking you to visit my website,, and consider a vote for Solomon on June 2nd.

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  1. While I agree with your reasons to refrain from further articles, I am appreciative of those that you posted, and completely agree with your positions.

  2. you make it sound like all landlords are slumlords.we don’t control how many tenants live in a house.the township can clear a house as was done at my rental a couple of times.also read saturday’s asbury park press and see what the law says about discrimination,you wouldn’t want us slumlords to break the law would you?

  3. Here is an example of what I’ve been saying. This nice fellow just doesn’t have the qualifications. In his parting shot, he tells us that laws can be passed to require employer inspections by the “Department of Immigration”. Now, it is ABC stuff to know that a State Assemblyman, the position he is campaigning for, has no say whatsoever in Immigration enforcement or policy and particularly, cannot introduce or pass laws regarding Immigration enforcement. This is purely a Federal matter, with statutes passed by the U.S. Congress which would be carried out by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). State legislators can introduce laws to deny illegal immigrants certain state benefits, but cannot do what Solomon proposes.

    This is such a pashuta zach, it shows he’s not up to the job. He’s a nice fellow in way over his head.

  4. I’ll vote for Solomon and if he doesn’t win I’ll still read his Shopper articles. Solomon has been a great addition to the Lakewood community.

  5. Skeptic:
    I appreciate that you agree to disagree with me. I never said that I’d personally pass state legislation requiring ICE to inspect businesses for legal documentation of their workers. As an Assemblymen I’m sure Chris Smith or other Republicans or REpublicans in NJ House of Reps would consider my proposal. In an interview with The Voice, Malone and Dancer gave the impression that they alone created Chemed and other organizations that have benefited the Lakewood community. The reality is that Rabbi Aaron Kotler pushed for Chemed and Malone and Dancer played a small role in helping Rav Kotler succeed with Chemed. I want to play a small role in helping pass legislation for ICE to beef up their inspections. I apologized if I gave the impression that I was going to champion the legislation.

  6. Avi, I don’t know how you got to agree to allow you to make these postings on their website! As is an offshoot of the Yated, it defies logic that they would allow someone who is going against the wishes of the VAAD to have a soapbox on their site. The Yated itself did a wonderful interview with you as well! I also surprised the article in the Voice didn’t mention you at all either. Is this a Shopper vs. Voice thing? Anyway, I’m voting for you, and I hope everyone else does too, because I believe in the inegrity and honesty of the underdog. B’Hatzlochah!!


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