Some in Arab World Happy that Israel Attacked Assad’s Forces May 7, 2013  11:41 am

syriaDespite Egyptian and Iranian condemnation, it is certain that the Syrian people were happy that Assad’s warehouses and forces were shelled, regardless of Israel’s reasoning. We were happy that Israel attacked Assad’s forces and warehouses because the attack will speed up the collapse of the regime. It will also deprive the regime of weapons that would have been used to kill more Syrians.

Two years’ worth of massacres against tens of thousands of unarmed Syrians has revealed the biggest lie in this nation’s history: the lie of resistance. Syria’s conflicts have never really been aimed at Israel and have certainly never been aimed at defending Palestine, as our minds were hijacked to believe. Hizbullah’s operations against Israel have nothing to do with protecting Lebanon and defending Palestine. Hizbullah is merely an Iranian brigade which has been founded for more than 30 years to serve the aims of the Ayatollah’s regime in Tehran.

Read more at Al Arabiya.

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1 .Comment from Not Surprised

May 8, 2013 at 1:16 am
One day they will all bow down to H' and take upon the yoke of Torah.


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