Son Of Executed American Traitors Celebrates Belated Bar Mitzvah


Robert Meeropol, the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, celebrated a belated bar mitzvah at age 71.

The Rosenbergs were executed in 1953 on charges of illegally giving classified information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union, helping enable the USSR to attain nuclear weapons. J. Edgar Hoover, the powerful director of the FBI, called their actions “the crime of the century.” Their son, Robert, has investigated his parents’ case for decades and maintains that his mother was innocent and his father did not pass on nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.

Meeropol, an attorney, was adopted by another family following his parents’ execution. He spoke on Thursday to a conference organized by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, an educational initiative affiliated with Chabad. While there, he wrapped tefillin, as a belated celebration of being bar mitzvah, nearly 60 years after his 13th birthday.

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  1. Disgusting title, perhaps you admire the “brother” who set up this whole affair, I surely do not.
    If really the Rosenberg children did not put tefillin on until this day, this speaks volumes about the US klal who could not care less about two orphans. Moreover, the attorney Meeropol who adopted them died in a car accident and they were orphaned again. No surprise that they now have a foundation that supports left activists families: I am sure they say “thank you” occasionally.

    Kol HaKavod to Chabad who dont treat holy Yidden as damaged goods.

  2. Gangs of unorthodox yirdden manage hard stories. This is hardest.

    The grade becomes a dialect of harsh faced day.

    When yidden keep Torah lae, we appear happier. These two lead very much unhappy years.

    Hashem puts us in a nation of laws. The Rosenbergs are a harsh reminder. As antisemitism played a role, heaven still had this fate.

    The reality is a strong incentive to antisemites. Any jew refusing Torah law and kosher lifestyle puts others at risk. Graded stale boring lives. To be nice the often is a play to drviate why G-d is best given grisly word. All who do not keep kosher put no word first for Hashem. They screw up. Sometimes to ever bring them closer to Torah… sometimes us.

    A fearful affair. Right bias by some in government. Excess interdiction. A full lapse in national feeling.

    This is dream harsh. No invested gain for Israel.

    Glad to see the boys are making efforts. Their filling days were horrendous but they seem strong in some hope.

    A hard chapter in our history.


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