BREAKING: New York Prison Escapee Richard Matt Shot; Sweat Being Pursued


david sweat and richard mattRichard Matt, one of two escaped murderers from an upstate New York maximum-security prison, was shot and killed by officers involved in a massive three-week manhunt, three federal, state and local law enforcement sources said today.

Officers are still pursuing fugitive David Sweat.

“Matt has been shot, he’s down,” Lenny DePaul, a former U.S. Marshal told CNN. “Apparently he’s been hit. Not sure what his status is at this point.”

The shooting occurred on a day that the New York State Police reported that Matt and Sweat may be headed to Canada.

Investigators were conducting DNA tests on potential new evidence, a source close to the investigation said.

One of the two escaped murderers, Matt was shot in the vicinity of Lake Titus, New York—an area that has been intensely searched by authorities in recent days. Lake Titus is approximately 10 miles west of Owl’s Head, where police said the had found evidence that Matt and Sweat had broken into a cabin.

The Daily Beast reported that a trail camera in Whippleville took a photo of the two men earlier this week, according to law-enforcement officials. Authorities had asked hunters to deploy the cameras now instead of waiting until August, ahead of deer-hunting season that begins on October 1. The camera captured both men, showing Matt holding a shotgun. Trail cameras are silent and triggered by motion. It’s believed that the camera photographed the men without them knowing.

Matt was serving 25 years to life for killing and dismembering his former boss.

Sweat and Matt broke out of prison with tools allegedly provided by worker Joyce Mitchell via corrections officer Gene Palmer. The tools were reportedly hidden in frozen meat.




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