Source: Senate Panel Probing ‎Possible Obama Administration Ties To Anti-Netanyahu Effort



A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu after the Obama administration’s State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the panel’s activities told

The fact that both Democratic and Republican sides of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off on the probe could be seen as a rebuke to President Obama, who has had a well-documented adversarial relationship with the Israeli leader.

The development comes as Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel Two television station this week that there were “governments” that wanted to help with the “Just Not Bibi” campaigning — Bibi being the Israeli leader’s nickname.

It also follows a report on claims the Obama administration has been meddling in the Israeli election on behalf of groups hostile to Netanyahu. A spokesperson for Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican and chairman of the committee, declined comment, and aides to ranking Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, of Missouri, did not immediately return calls.

The Senate subcommittee, which has subpoena power, is the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ chief investigative body with jurisdiction over all branches of government operations and compliance with laws.

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  1. It wouldn’t be the first time. By withholding loan guarantees in the early 1990’s, George H. W. Bush was able to swing a close Israeli election so Prime Minister Shamir lost. Then, as now, the President wanted a PM he disliked out and a less hard-line candidate more likely to make concessions to replace him.

  2. Zack #1, President Obama has not been Kenyan since he was 23 years old.

    Anonymous #2, the 1992 election wasn’t close. Shamir probably would have lost anyway; he was an absolute disaster as a Prime Minister. It was the only clear victory for Labor in a Knesset election in the past 40 years.


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