South Korea Ferry Captain Had No Experience


korea-ferryThe captain of a South Korean ferry that sank Wednesday was arrested Friday after leaving a 26-year-old third with no experience in the treacherous waterway to steer the ship.

A crew member who was aboard the ferry told The Wall Street Journal that the 60-year-old captain, Lee Jun-Seok, was one of the first to abandon the ship as it started to go down. Authorities are investigating why the ferry made a “radical right turn” before it sank.

The death count continues to rise as bodies are found, reaching 28 so far. On Wednesday, 179 people were rescued but 268 passengers are still missing.

One of the rescued passengers, the vice principal of the high school that 325 of the students on the ferry attended, was found hanged Friday in an apparent suicide. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}



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