South Korea Interested In Purchasing Iron Dome System


iron-domeSouth Korea is reportedly interested in purchasing Israel’s highly successful Iron Dome missile defense system to protect itself against rockets that could potentially be launched from North Korea.

Developed by Israeli defense company Rafael Systems, the Iron Dome system has scored a 90 percent success rate in shooting down Hamas’s short-range rockets that target Israeli civilian areas, according to Israeli officials.

“[South Korea] is very worried not only about rockets, but other things as well … You can certainly include them in the club of interested countries,” Rafael CEO Yedidia Yaari told Israel’s Army Radio, adding that Rafael representatives have visited South Korea’s capital Seoul.

Initial funding for the Iron Dome was undertaken by Israel, but since then the U.S. has largely provided funding. The U.S. Congress recently approved an additional $225 million in emergency funding. Currently Israel operates nine Iron Dome batteries with as many as another 15 scheduled to be completed.


{ Israel}



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