With Sukkos on everyone’s mind, Chesed of Lakewood annual Sukkah Exchange is in high gear.  Requests are coming in by the dozen from all over the tri-state area and beyond.  Volunteers are reporting that they have successfully made numerous matches between those looking to give away unused sukkahs and those in need of sukkahs.  Purchasing  a sukkah is a significant investment in money, time and energy, and for some families fulfillment of this mitzvah is difficult to come by, especially when faced with many other Yomtov expenses.

Last year’s response to the Sukkah Exchange was overwhelming, a tribute to the tremendous spirit of chesed prevalent within the frum communities. Donors were grateful to know that their sukkahs would be used on Yom Tov, filled with simchah and kedushah by beautiful yiddishe families. When purchasing a new sukkah or going away for yom tov, families were able to put their sukkah to good use by simply contacting Chesed of Lakewood’s Sukkah Exchange.   COL is proud to say that every single sukkah donated in previous years was put to use with the donators and the takers enjoying a special sense of fulfillment.

With Yom Tov season upon us, the search for sukkahs is in full swing and the list of families in need is long. Chesed of Lakewood is therefore reaching out to the greater frum community, asking anyone with an unused sukkah to simply contact Chesed of Lakewood for an easy pick-up and a tremendous mitzvah!

To partner with this incredible organization by donating sukkahs please contact the Chesed of Lakewood hotline at 732.901.0482, ext. 4 for the ‘Sukkah Exchange.’  Donations for this program are tax deductible and can be mailed to their office at 72B Park Avenue South, Lakewood NJ 08701 or given via their website at


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