Special Children’s Center’s Last Day of Summer Camp



As the last day of The Special Children’s Center summer camp comes to an end, the love and warmth emanating from their team of over 150 professional staff and energetic volunteers is palpable.

During the three long hectic weeks between camp and school, The Center steps in and makes life possible for over 175 families! A camp where every child shines and soars above imaginable dreams creating a summer to remember.

Over 30 high school girls from cities such  as Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn and Monsey travelled to Lakewood to be a part of the unparalleled work of The Special Children Center.

These wonderful individuals volunteered to care for children with special needs at The Center’s Respite Summer Camp Girls Division!

The Center is filled with happiness, music, dancing, and an overabundance of love.

Be a part of the center’s incredible work!

Donate today www.thecenternj.org​.


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