Stabbing in Supermarket in Mishor Adumim


mishor-adumimA Palestinian terrorist stabbed two people in the Rami Levy supermarket of Mishor Adumim, east of Yerushalayim. Both of the victims are men in their 50s, with one of them sustaining wounds to the head and shoulder and the other with upper body wounds. Both victims are in moderate condition, and fully conscious. They were taken to Hadassah Medical Center after being treated by MDA paramedics.

The terrorist was shot by security guards on site. He is alive, in light to moderate condition, and is being treated by MDA paramedics.

The assault took place at a Rami Levy supermarket near the settlement of Maaleh Adumim.

One of the injured was a paramedic who fought with the attacker, according to an eyewitness.

The two victims, men in their fifties, were moderately injured, with wounds in the upper body.

The assailant entered the supermarket and began attacking customers at the checkout lines, Channel 2 reported. He was shot in the leg.

The security guard did not work at the supermarket, and was buying groceries when the attack unfolded.

[Tazpit News Agency]

{ Israel}


  1. #4 – the guy is alive. They can ask him questions – like does he know of any other attacks planned, who he’s associated with, etc. And shooting him in the leg rather than the body means that you’re shooting downward. Shooting up toward the body means that if you miss you can CV hit an innocent bystander. I’ve been an armed security guard – you think about these things.


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