Star-K Certification to Host Two Summer Kashrus Training Programs


star-kBy Margie Pensak

The 12th Annual Star-K Kashrus Training Program will take place at Star-K’s Baltimore, Maryland, offices from July 13 to July 16. This intensive, widely-acclaimed seminar is limited to 25 participants – rabbonim, certifying agency administrators, kollel members, and other community leaders serving in klei kodesh – who will be taken behind the scenes of a first-class luxury hotel’s kosher kitchen, a slaughterhouse, and a manufacturing plant. Seminar participants will also benefit from lectures delivered by Star-K administrators, audio-visual presentations, and a hands-on practicum to find the less obvious thrips and aphids hiding in a restaurant’s vegetables.

Topics of discussion will include the certification of factories from the U.S. to China and the challenges of administering a vaad hakashrus.

Star-K’s annual Food Service Mashgichim Training Seminar will take place at Star-K’s Baltimore offices the following week, July 22-24. This intensive program is exclusively for both men and women who are either already involved or want to get involved in hashgachah for restaurants, catering halls, and hotels. This program is limited to 25 attendees.

To download an application for either seminar, visit the Star-K website at http://www, For further information, contact the seminar coordinator, Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, at 410.484.4110, ext. 219.

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