Starbucks Drops ADL From Bias Training

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The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will no longer be a leading role in Starbucks diversity training next month, and will instead be serving as in an advisory capacity, the company announced.

The coffee conglomerate will host an all-day anti-bias training session next month at its nearly 8,000 US stores, a response by Starbucks to assuage outrage over a viral video that shows two black men getting arrested whilst waiting for a business associate at a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

The ADL was one of a group of civil rights advocacy organizations that Starbucks reached out to to consult with as part of their training program, alongside group looking to combat anti-Latino, anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim discrimination.

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  1. Starbucks’ diversity training will now be led by blatant Jew-hating, Farrakhan-admiring groups and individuals. No, this is not an exaggeration in the least; if anything it’s an understatement. Google ADL, Starbucks and Farrakhan for yourself to see the details.

  2. So Starbucks gave in to the BLM and the Pro-Islamic groups..?
    This is ridiculous! I suggest boycotting Starbucks. Its anyway overpriced burnt coffee…

  3. Uuuch. Starbucks has shown their true colors of liberalism. They must conform to the most radical militant left wing groups. This doesn’t surprise me, after the owner, self hating Jew Howard Schultz, openly proclaimed his support for redefining marriage and making gay marriage the new norm. After Howard showed his evil spirit and spit in Hashem’s face r”l, he no longer deserved any praise or honor. This whole apology tour of his, has already backfired and he will continue to suffer one loss after another. The radical liberals are finally getting the pushback that they deserve. Mr. Trump winning the Presidency has had a major positive effect on the way normal decent people think and react. Yes, the so called Thought Police that Eric Holder instilled, has now been removed and one is allowed to think morally again.

  4. Who cares? They could face a lawsuit if they treat jews inferiorly. Quit the hysteria, folks. All that happened is that the holy shmoly jew rescuers, the ADL, who cares ZERO about orthodox jews, will no longer give “training”. ok? That’s all. The outrage and anger could stop right now.

    • I think you missed the reason for the outrage. Most of the readers here are frum and have little to do with the left-wing ADL. The problem we have is not that the ADL per se has been rejected, it’s that a major corporation is dumping a group that identifies itself as Jewish and doing so at the behest of open anti-semites.

      Putting it another way, if Starbucks dumped them because the KKK asked them not to have anything to do with any Jews would that bother you? Because that’s basically what happened here.

      • What makes you say it was at the behest of anti-semites? Maybe they just decided it was a waste of money and time because jews, especially the ones the ADL advocates for NEVER get assaulted at starbucks. (coz theyre not visibly jewish)

        • What makes you say it was at the behest of anti-semites?
          The article linked to in the original post, for one.


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