State Department “Aware” of Ground Zero Mosque Imam’s Controversial Remarks


us-state-departmentState Department officials say they are aware of the controversial remarks Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf made in 2005. Rauf is the Imam of the controversial so-called Ground Zero mosque and is presently on a State Department funded outreach tour of Middle Eastern countries.


During a 2005 conference in Australia, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf compared the United States to Al Qaeda and said, “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than Al Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims.”

Rauf made the comments while speaking at the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Center during a question and answer session, as part of what sponsors say was a dialogue to improve relations between America and the Muslim world.

Rauf added, “You remember that the U.S. led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations.”

“We are aware of those remarks,” said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley. “I would just caution any of you that choose to write on this that once again you have a case where a blogger has pulled out one passage from a very lengthy speech, if you read the entire speech, you will discover exactly why we think he is rightfully participating in this international speaking tour.”

On the substance of Rauf’s 2005 accusations, none other than former President Bill Clinton has defended the sanctions, some of which took place during his years in the White House. Clinton and other diplomats assert that Saddam Hussein’s regime corrupted the sanctions and denied humanitarian aid to his own people.

Crowley also revealed Rauf’s activities over the next few days, which the State Department had been reluctant to do before Tuesday.

Imam Feisal has arrived in Doha, Qatar. He will be giving remarks and attending a traditional event of handing out gifts and treats to children at the Doha youth center. He has a full range of other private events that include a lecture at a university, meetings with government officials, Non Governmental Organizations, and participation in services at mosques and Ramadan activities.

Rauf is involved with the Cordoba initiative which is behind plans for a $100 million Islamic center about two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood.

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  1. it cannot be deemed inappropriate to say the truth. What is incontroversial is that it is inappropriate to produce an article that reads as though the other side of the story is backed up by any distinguished figures from whom this defense issue. in other words, Clinton’s team simply saying that Saddam’s corruption caused 1/2 million dead children is irrelevant since no evidence was ever presented. The false Clinton claim cannot be asserted since the teams of professionals who calculated the figures — professionals including UN professionals who resigned their jobs in protest due to the sanctions killing the children…but the US media gave little to no attention to this. The calculations were made prior to the UN scandal of various nations breaking the sanctions rules. This is all available online and has been for over a decade. In other words the dead ….were dead before the claims by international investigators claim that various nations were bucking the rules for money for oil. The claims of misdirected goods are when the sanctions were lightening up do to increasing money for food allowances.

  2. #1 George Orwell

    UN Professionals? Are u for real?????

    Please go somewhere else with your dumb comments;

    Good writing will not cover your perverted state of mind!!!!


  3. i was commenting on the UN proessionals and the outside investigators involved in the death toll of the children that is verified in international forums. There is no argument about this. if you would read and analyze the material out there and if you have any analytical capacity to judge disparate sources for credibility, then you would have already known what there is no argument that hundreds of thousands of children were killed directly by the sanctions prior to the corruption of the the oil for food program. They didnt have the right food and medicine like they had before the 1990 war.
    Similarly the current state of pain inflcited o nthe iraqis today in not having the amounts of water and electricity that were had in bagdad until saddam is a scandal.


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