State Department Mad at Fox for its Coverage of Hillary’s Illness


fox-newsNow that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out of the hospital, the State Department is fighting back against those who questioned the legitimacy of her health scare – in particular Fox News correspondent Justin Fishel.

In a letter directed at Fishel, State Department spokesperson Philippe Reines sarcastically apologized for including Fishel’s expressed doubts about Clinton’s condition in a press briefing last week.

“Because after what we and her doctors explained over the weekend regarding her health, you couldn’t possibly have been insinuating the ulterior motive that the question implies. No way. No credible journalist would do that without any basis whatsoever,” Reines wrote.

So far, Fishel hasn’t responded. Let the feuding begin.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. FOX is a TRUE media group with no “select” reporting. They have the right to report whatever they want – even if it’s against a Democrat

  2. Public figures have Public illnesses, they have no privacy and everyone thinks they have a right to know everything about them.

  3. The headline to this tale is “State Department Mad at Foz for its Coverage of Hillary’s IOlness”.

    Perhaps someone could explain what “IOlness” is, please?

  4. Anyone with a half a brain, knows, that Hillary faked it in order to “avoid” having to testify in the Bengazi “cover up”. The Clinton’s have passed thru life lying & lying. Bill & Hillary are the lowest of the low. Don’t put anything past them.

  5. ” without any basis whatsoever”

    Anyone remember the democratic party primary in 08? Hill claimed, dramatically, she was once dodging bullets. When the other contenders campaigns showed it was a false claim, she admitted that she “misspoke” (lied!).

    Sounds like good basis that she is misspeaking now as well.

  6. To #4 Perhaps someone could explain what “IOlness” is, please?

    it means LOL laugh out loud, her sickness was a joke…


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