State Dept. Officials: Strike Assad


Dozens of officials in the State Department reportedly signed an internal document this week calling for military strikes against the Damascus government as a way to impose regime change to defeat ISIS. Some 51 officials signed what was referred to as the “dissent channel cable.”

This is a huge departure from U.S. policy which has long sought not to take sides in the war in Syria. “We are aware of a dissent channel cable written by a group of State Department employees regarding the situation in Syria,” said John Kirby, a State Department spokesman. “We are reviewing the cable now, which came up very recently, and I am not going to comment on the contents.” Read more at The Wall Street Journal.



  1. Be careful of what you ask for, State Department. Assad might be the least of all the evils besetting Syria. If you topple him, anarchy will reign, and affect the security of the US and Israel (not that you care much about the latter, maybe you’ll pay attention to the former).


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