STOP SHLEPPING YOUR SUKKAH! Store it Easily in a Weatherproof Sukkah Bag Under Your Deck or Anywhere Outdoors.



Our Sukkah bags are made from a super durable material able to withstand and protect against rain, snow and other harsh elements. You can save space and store it easily under your deck or anywhere outdoors. All you have to do is prop it up on cinder blocks and put your sukkah inside, then zip it up with it’s super durable zipper and velcro it. After, put the secondary extra protection over the whole bag.
So just stop Shlepping your sukkah its just not worth it!
Order now! Click HERE or by call/text 732-806-1015


  1. We had problems with squirrels getting into our boards and chewing at them for two years until we purchased this product. This year we opened it up and were pleased to find dry, unharmed sukkah boards!


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