Striking Religion From School Books in Israel’s Schools


Following criticism from Israel’s Secular Forum (S.F.) that school textbooks of Israel’s secular state schools contain religious indoctrination, Israel’s Education Ministry agreed to examine and revise the books.

But to S.F.’s dismay, experts only recommended changes in six of fifty-seven books examined, Israel Hayom reported.

One book will add the words “according to tradition” at the end of a sentence that states: “On Yom Kippur we must ask for forgiveness.” In another book, the phrase, “we are commanded with 613 commandments” will be altered to read, “in Judaism there are 613 commandments.” In two math books, illustrations where boys and girls are separate will be replaced with mixed scenes.

Secular Forum complained that the changes were only cosmetic and not nearly enough.

{ Israe News Bureau}



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