Study: Autism May Begin Developing In Infants During Pregnancy


baby-fetusStunning developments were revealed Thursday about autism in America.

As CBS 2′s Dr. Max Gomez reported, autism is now thought to affect roughly 1.2 million children and teens in the United States – a huge increase.

But that includes all children on the autism spectrum, a very wide range of disease severity.

What has researchers excited is a new finding that brain changes in autism begin even before birth, Gomez reported.

New figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1 in 68 children have an autism spectrum disorder in the U.S.

That’s about a 30 percent increase from two years ago.

“We believe part of the increase in prevalence is due to better detection of autism. However, we still feel we are underestimating the prevalence of autism in the U.S.,” said Autism Speaks Associate Director Public Health Research Michael Rosanoff.

The report also highlights autism as almost five times more common among boys than girls.

While the disorder can be diagnosed as early as age 2, most children aren’t diagnosed until 4 years old.

Now, researchers have begun to find signs of autism in even younger children.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that changes in the brains of autistic children actually begin in the womb.

“We know there are places in the brain where they’re supposed to be and they are not. It’s like the pathways are not able to form in the proper way. We’ve been doing research at NYU that shows there’s problems in the connectivity of the brain, so that means that social centers, and language centers, and cognitive centers aren’t talking to each other in the way that they need to,” explained Dr. Melissa Nishawala, of NYU Child Study Center.

In normal fetuses, brain cells develop and migrate into specific layers. This study found that in the second trimester, some of the brain cells in autistic children did not go where they were supposed to, Gomez reported.

Read more at CBS LOCAL.

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  1. 2 points:

    1) This finding completely debunks the claimed link between vaccinations and autism.

    @) I wonder how much of the increase in autism diagnoses is due to the huge amount of government money available for therapy and special ed programs. There is a huge money making industry that has a vested interest in diagnosing as many cases as possible of autism, learning disabilities, OT/PT etc. Look at the huge percentage of frum girls going to school to become therapists and counselors. They need an ever-expanding pool of clients. It’s one big pyramid scheme.

  2. This study is total nonsense. At least the conclusions are. I looked at the original study. What is “overlooked” is that the brain is like a muscle. If you have identical triplets and one plays a lot of ball, one does weight lifting and the other sits on the couch all day, their muscle structure will look completely different. If a child is autistic for whatever reason or REASONS, when their brain gets studied, they have been seeing the world as an autistic for 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, etc. This study is like looking at twenty men who can all lift 400 pounds, finding certain similarities in their body structure and declaring them to all be “born” weight lifters.

  3. “it actually comes from Vaccines.”

    Total junk science. And it is junk science that has deadly consequences. We have wasted tens of millions of dollars pursuing the “vaccines might cause autism” fraud; the guy who perpetrated the original fraud has lost his medical license!

    ” how much of the increase in autism diagnoses is due to the huge amount of government money available for therapy and special ed programs”

    I would not phrase the question is this way, but it is basically a good question. For example, prostate and breast cancer rates are known to be higher in the US than in other countries because of the massive amount of screening that is done. It isn’t a pyramid scheme, though — that is a completely different type of arrangement.

  4. This whole discussion is silly. Its all in HKB”H hands. There is no Hishdadlus missing here. Tephilla tephilla & more Tefilla is needed.

  5. Don’t be naive. Don’t follow everything you hear or read. In bigger government things are always being made to seem like the way they want. So of course he lost his license he was a threat.

  6. until they can prove that vaccines are safe, i don’t believe it. until they can prove that vaccines cause autism i don’t believe it. i want black and white proof and there is none in either direction so until then we should allow people to choose which way they would like to go.


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