Study Ranks New York As Worst State For Retiring


Was7535400A new survey from Bankrate ranked New York state dead last on the list of places to retire. Bankrate noted that New York City is home to nearly half of state residents, and the high taxes and cost of living were to blame for the low ranking.

New York state residents also have the fourth highest cost of living in the country, and “relatively low government scores” for health care quality and wellness.

Also ranking toward the bottom were West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and Hawaii. South Dakota topped the list as the best place to retire, due to a low tax burden, low crime rate, and high wellness score. Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, and Wyoming also ranked high on the list.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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  1. All those planning to retire to South Dakota please comment.

    New York City has a higher concentration of major healthcare institutions than any place in the country. South Dakota has a single small medical school that is not a major research institution. New York City also has the lowest crime rate of any major US city. One has to wonder what was the algorithm these folks used.


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