Study: Vaccines Have Few Side Effects


vaccineDespite the battle cries of anti-vaxxers, a massive new medical study definitively states that vaccines have few side effects or rare complications.

Published today in Pediatrics, the combined analysis of 67 research studies found that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the potential side effects.

The news comes at a time when there have already been 539 people across 20 states infected with measles this year.

The report also emphatically stated there is no link between vaccination and autism. Pediatrician Courtney Gidengil of Rand and Boston Children’s Hospital, who is a co-author of the study, said “This report should give parents some reassurance.” Read more at USA Today.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Shame on you to have the headline that you have. It should have said like the other sites “NO LINK AT ALL BETWEEN VACCINATION AND AUTISM. The reason is that the diehards will have something to hang their hat on by saying few side effects

  2. Double shame on you Anonymous (post #2). 1. That you say something like this without the moral fiber to stand by what you and say it in your own name. How much credit do we give an anonymous post? 2. What is your complaint here? It bothers you that Matzav gave an accurate depiction of what the article says? Whether or not to vaccinate is a personal decision that should be made by the people involved from the BEST AND MOST ACCURATE information available.

  3. Also
    A phrase from the 70’s was “follow the money.” Rand corporation is partially funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Rand was recently called out by Forbes for “massaging” study data to made the Obamacare roll out look less worse than it was. 65% of all medical research is pharmaceutical industry funded. The best paying jobs for researchers is working for the pharmaceutical industry. Paul Offit who is quoted in the original article is so steeped in conflict of interest that he cannot be believed at all. He sat on the CDC advisory board that mandated a vaccine that he held the patent on. He pocketed a 29 million dollar profit on that one. There are other vaccines that he held the patent to that he recommended that only netted him single million dollar figures. The pharmaceutical industry is not a chesed organization, it is in the business of making money and it does that very well. An over priced medical establishment is what is bankrupting America today

  4. #2
    I give you a brocha that you should never see on your own child the side effects of vaccines.
    For children who are 100% healthy and developing normally (which you can’t see till a child is about 1 year old) vaccines may possibly be ok but still could do damage. but for a child who has any issues, the toxins in the vaccines can really do damage to those children
    again, may you never know from such things.
    for the people that know, it doesn’t really matter what the studies show, they will never believe the studies cuz they see their own child/niece/cousin/friend.

  5. #2 you r so stupid do not vaccine your children there are awful side affects as u am a father to a CHILD WHO UNFORTUNTLY WENT THROUGH IT HASHEM YIRACHEM


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