Subway Derails in Manhattan, Causing Power Outage and Chaos; At Least 7 Hurt


A train derailment near the 125th Street station in Manhattan threw commuters into darkness on the subway Tuesday morning, prompting an evacuation.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota said at a news briefing shortly before noon Tuesday that the brakes on the A train somehow went into emergency mode, propelling the first two cars of the train into a concrete wall. Sparks erupted, fueled by garbage and other debris along the subway tracks, which caused the smoke condition, Lhota said.

The derailed train was evacuated, along with two other trains — one ahead of it and one behind it. Lhota said at least seven people were evaluated for injuries including smoke inhalation, though all were expected to be OK; about half of the victims were taken to hospitals while others were checked out at the scene. Read more at NBC.



  1. Future President, Andrew Cuomo, warned us that as far as the subway conditions, “it will be a summer of hell”. Those are the Governors exact words. Once again the taxpayers are the big L O S E R S in all of this. WE are the worthless ones.


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