Sukkos Initiative Reaches Out To Unaffiliated Jews


sukkah6 The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has urged Yidden to participate in an initiative spearheaded by Project Inspire, which is intended to help unaffiliated Jews experience the Yom Tov of Sukkos.  Young Israel, in conjunction with Project Inspire, an organization that is dedicated to educating Orthodox Jews on how to help unaffiliated Jews return to their roots, has embarked on a widespread effort to encourage Jews across America to share their Sukkos with fellow Jews who usually would not sit in a sukkah.

 “As the assimilation figures grow at an alarming rate and the number of unaffiliated Jews continues to rise at a frightening pace, it is critical that we expand our efforts to involve non-observant Jews in Jewish practices and religious customs,” said NCYI Director of Synagogue Services Rabbi Mordechai Roizman.  “We are optimistic that the Sukkos Initiative will become a community-wide effort so that Jews from all walks of life can experience the joyous and festive holiday of Sukkos the way the Torah intended.”

Rabbi Roizman encouraged all shuls across the country to participate in the “Kol HaEzrach Sukkos Initiative.”  Free informational kits, including a step-by-step guide, DVD, and answers to frequently asked questions are available through the National Council of Young Israel.  Rabbi Roizman noted that dozens of shuls throughout the United States, comprised of thousands of families, have already signed up to participate in the Sukkos Initiative.

Rabbi Roizman also noted that people who participate in the “Kol HaEzrach Sukkos Initiative,” and who subsequently get in touch with Project Inspire to share their feelings on the experience and provide feedback on the project, will automatically be entered in a raffle to win two round-trip tickets to Israel, courtesy of Project Inspire.

 The Sukkos Initiative comes in the wake of a successful nationwide program organized by the NCYI and Project Inspire on Tisha B’Av.  Thirty-six shuls across the United States presented an educational video entitled “One Soul,” which focused on the concept of reaching out to fellow Jews in a positive fashion.

 Rabbi Roizman pointed out that the Sukkos Initiative is an excellent opportunity for the Jewish community to place a renewed emphasis on kiruv.

“Members of the Orthodox community who are well-versed in a wide variety of subjects are well-positioned to be able to relate to, and connect with, unaffiliated Jews, and help guide them on the path to renewing their ties with Judaism,” said Rabbi Roizman.  “One positive experience can make a lasting impact on a person’s life.”

 For more information on how to bring this program to your community, contact NCYI Director of Synagogue Services Rabbi Mordechai Roizman at 212.929.1525 x103 or by e-mail at

{Noam Newscenter}


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